With Mother’s Day around the corner and shops packed with beautiful gifts, it is hard to plan a memorable day for Mom, Gogo or Auntie. 

We all agree that mothers are exceptional, and we want to spoil and pamper them as a way of saying thank you for everything they do for us: warm hugs before saying goodbye, home-cooked meals for Sunday lunch, phone calls when we are feeling down or soft-spoken words when we need it most. Not to mention all the sacrifices they make to ensure we have the best. 

So, the big question remains: what type of gift will capture all these feelings of gratitude and love in one grand gesture? 

After some casual probing, we were pleasantly surprised by the outcome of how to make this day extra memorable for the extraordinary women in our lives.  Here are our top five gifts of things your mom would really want this Mother’s Day.

Alone Time
For a mother with smaller kids in the house, the best gift you can give her is a Pajama-Day alone in bed, where she can catch up on her favourite TV shows, doesn’t have to cook and have some quiet time to read a book or soak in the bathtub. So, take the kids on a day trip and ensure they arrive back home already fed and happy to see Mom again.

Quality Time with Her Kids
Ironically, the most desired “gift” mothers of older children would want time with their kids. After two years of social distancing and restrictions on everything, most mothers want to spend quality time with the people that complete their lives: go for a walk in the nearby park, play board games or share your favourite dessert at a special spot and catch up on life’s busyness. That is all a mother’s heart desires. 

Handwritten Card or Note
There was a time when your stick-figure artwork decorated the fridge in your childhood home. Mom kept it there to remind her of how much you love her. A thoughtful handwritten card or note will bring back all those memories and allow you to tell her in your own words how much she means to you and the rest of the family. 

A Clean Kitchen
Nothing beats walking into a clean kitchen: dishes are done and packed away, countertops clean, and floors sparkling. One of the things all mothers dread is the idea of cleaning up after cooking a family meal. Instead, send her off to her room or the garden to relax, maybe an afternoon nap, and ensure that everything is taken care of when she returns.  

Yes-Day for Mom

Who said Yes-Days are only for kids? If you have not seen the family movie, Yes Day (2021), then it is time to get some tips from the pros, aka the kids. Basically, for 24-hours, your mom can request anything, and her wish should be granted – within reason, of course. She can dictate the breakfast menu without considering anyone else's preference, choose activities the whole family should engage in or select her favourite rom com for family movie night. The sky is the limit, and no one can say no to her all day. 

So, the beauty of Mother’s Day gifts does not necessarily lie in expensive things you buy in shops, but rather in the simple things of life. Be considerate and thoughtful towards her, take the burden of every day chores off her shoulders, give her time to relax, and treat her as the most precious person in the family. All mothers deserve it.