Today, most brands promote a lifestyle of endless options and expressions – no more barriers and no more boxes. We see the same trend in fashion, where your clothes and accessory choices express your personality rather than following just another one-hit fashion wonder. This mix-and-match eclectic movement gives freedom to different styles, colours, textures and patterns. You do you!

JUMBO Clothing is keeping up with the pulse of the new freedom movement and accommodates all styles, shapes, and sizes. 

Here are our top five tips for finding your freedom in fashion:

1. Keep it Simple

Think about the items in your wardrobe that you can’t live without and that you tend to feel the most comfortable wearing. Being true to yourself can be just as much about dressing in simple, easy styles as it can be about being more extravagant and out there. Everybody is different.

2. Put your Own Spin on Things

While most of us may admire somebody else’s look, copying their outfit will only stop you from creating a signature style that allows you to express your true self. Put your own spin on an outfit by adding a bold statement piece, such as oversized earrings or chunky jewellery. Confidence is key, and if it feels right – it is right for you.

3. Go with what you’ve Got

You were born as a unique human being, so why try and be somebody else? 
Instead, focus on your best features. Whatever that favourite area of your body may be, it’s time to recognise it. It may be your legs, shoulders, waist, or arms. Whatever your finest features, build your outfit around them. When you concentrate on these features, you shift your focus to showing off your body rather than hiding it!

4. Be Brave with Colours and Patterns

There’s nothing wrong with dressing in monochrome colours if that’s what you prefer, or being bright, bold and colourful if that speaks to you. Stop choosing colours and patterns based on what will flatter your body type or match your eyes. Instead, pick colours and designs that you love.

Break fashion ‘rules’ if you dare; mix patterns, wear bright colours or go crazy with accessories if that makes you happy. Or keep it simple if that’s more your thing. It is important to remember that whatever you wear, the only person who needs to be happy with it is you.

5. Have Fun with It

Many people are afraid of being judged for what they wear, so they choose to play it safe. If you want to discover your authentic sense of style, it’s essential to be courageous and not take yourself too seriously.
Get in touch with your inner child; you may find something that works for you and forget about what other people may think – after all, you’re not wearing it for them; you’re doing it for yourself.