With its rich and deep Transkei, eMonti, and eBhayi heritage, JUMBO understands the importance and sensitivity of the dress attire for Amakrwala after undergoing their rite of passage ritual as initiates. Through this, our product range, styles, and prices stand out.   

Heavy lockdown restrictions imposed great strain on the ritual of uLwaluko, not only affecting amakhwenkwe and their family plans but resulting in a drastic decline in turnover for JUMBO.

The silver lining in the dark clouds was the increased anticipation and planning for uLwaluko that had been held captive by the legislated coronavirus lockdown alert levels. Despite the rising numbers of infections as the omicron variant mutated, the pressure to return to normalcy couldn’t have been greater. 

The support of the December leg of the Amakrwala promotion was amazing, and sales were good. Although we can’t claim redemption for the previous seasons, we are happy with the performance from the various stores and grateful for the sales achieved.  

Our Eastern and selected Western Cape stores stock all the essentials for Amakrwala, oobhuti abatsha! - the finest Navada suits, Aranda blankets, hats and caps, Grasshoppers, quality leather shoes, Samson bush Jackets, Dickies two-piece tycoon suits and much more.